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International Research Institute of Occult Sciences is a registered trust under the government of India wherein there are occult courses for students who wish to learn any of the many occult sciences. The motto of this trust is to bring about awareness amongst the students who are apprehensive about learning various occult sciences like vastu but are unsure of where to start and whom to approach. This is one place where every single student is given individual attention and access to approach the mentors with ease so as to decrease the risks involved in the process. The mentors are extremely ecstatic about making sure that the students learn and understand each and everything they are taught. The mentors are also there to make sure that there are no gaps in between the learning process. The aspect that sets the mentors of IRIOS apart is the very fact that they are determined to make sure that the best possible learning experience is provided by them and they strive to achieve their desired objectives.

Course Material: You will receive Course Reading Material Chapter-wise with attached Question Papers in PDF format, Once you revert with Answers, you will receive the next module ASAP.

Grades: Grades and Marks are based on your answers.

For Queries During the Course: You can Email, Whatsapp or Call Dr. Kunal Kaushik for all your queries.

Course Completion: You will receive a Completion Certificate once you complete every Course from our Institute.

Course Language: All of Our Courses are available in English and Hindi Language

All our Online Courses are available Worldwide

International Research Institute of Occult Sciences

Online Vastu Courses in English and Hindi


Basic Vastu is the First and foremost stepping stone in the Entire Vastu Shastra Course. The Basic Vastu course can be done by beginners or Students or Housewives who have some amount of free time in their hands and some basic level of intelligence.



This course is the Second stepping stone in the Student’s Journey in the course of Vastu Shastra. This Course is an even better eye opener for anybody interested in learning Vastu Shastra.



This Vastu Course is the third Stepping stone in the entire array of Vastu Courses that we offer in our institute. This Vastu course is extremely crucial for budding Vastu Consultants who are aspiring to become Successful Vastu Consultants.



The remedial Vastu course is the last and final level in the Vastu courses offered at our institute. This course is highly beneficial for those who want to learn about the Vastu of today’s age.


The proficient vastu course is an all-inclusive Vastu course wherein all four levels provided by our Institute are consolidated into one Course. This course is appropriate for those students who want to practice Vastu professionally. This course is brilliantly designed as per a professional’s requirements.

What our Students Say – Students Testimonials

I recently attended the IRIOS classes and I must say that it was a once in a lifetime experience.  The mentors are very helpful and take a personal interest in the student’s learning.


There is probably no reason why one shouldn’t join this institute for vastu learning.  This is the best vastu study any student can get. I am very satisfied.


The day I came to know about this institute, I joined it immediately.  I am relieved that I have such good teachers here . They are a blessing to all . Thanku dear mentors .


I was not sure weather I should join this institute IRIOS or not but I gathered the courage to register myself and I don’t regret my decision one bit . The mentors are really amazing people who left no doubts in my mind .


I was looking for an institute wherein I could get good knowledge about various occult concepts and IRIOS is the best in that respect. The teachers are very talented and I’m very happy and satisfied with the institute.