Professional Vastu Courses

Professional Vastu Course

This Vastu Course is the third Stepping stone in the entire array of Vastu Courses that we offer in our institute. This Vastu course is extremely crucial for budding Vastu Consultants who are aspiring to become Successful Vastu Consultants. This Professional Vastu Course is equally important for Vastu Consultants who are already in Practice but wish to learn more about the intricate details of Vastu and the newer and latest theories coming up in Vastu Shastra.

Every student who has started with Vastu courses in our academy should aspire to complete this course with flying colors. only then can one become successful in his endeavors in the field of Vastu learning.

What to expect:

In the professional course, the Introduction & Background of General Practitioner would be done, Essential Requirements of A Vastu Shastra Professional would be done. Micro Details of the Drawing room, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Staircase, Study Area, Business premises, Vaastu Significance of mirrors at Home and Office (Role of mirrors & Its Use in Vastu), Harmony Factor would be taught in detail so that all the factors are covered in detail and nothing is left untouched. Lastly, Vastu In Modern Life Style and the Vastu for Mental, Social & Physical Balance would be taught in detail as well.

Duration: 3 Months | Mode: ONLINE | Fees: INR 15000/- (USD 300) | Medium: English, Hindi
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