Advanced Vastu Course

Advanced Vastu Course

This course is the Second stepping stone in the Student’s Journey in the course of Vastu Shastra. This Course is an even better eye opener for anybody interested in learning Vastu Shastra.

This is an Advanced level to the basic Vastu Course which accountable for building a lot of budding Vastu Experts in India and abroad equally.

This course can also be done by practicing Vastu Consultants who want to get to learn Vastu at an even higher level.

This Course is equally important for anybody who wants to and is striving towards becoming a successful Vastu consultant in the long run.

What to expect:

In the advanced course, we will teach you about the Fundamental Guidelines Of Vastu Shastra that would be an excellent transitional topic between the basic course and the advanced course. Locations of Plot & Other Co-Factors and the Determination of Areas & Utilities would also be taught in this course so that the student gets to learn something new and interesting every day. Vastu Guidelines of Interiors & Facilities would be introduced so as to make sure that the introduction to interiors is done. Decoration Related Guidelines would be given. Basics of Commercial Vastu: Application of Scientific Vastu in Modern Time, Vastu-Setting of Departments in Business Premises, Application of Vastu Principles in Built-Up Area (Residential & Commercial)as well as Limitations of Vastu Shastra would be thoroughly taught here. Living a Blissful life, Methods to avoid Negativity, Vastu Supports to positive Thinking & Physical Efforts are also a part of the curriculum for the advanced course for Vastu.

Duration: 3 Months | Mode: ONLINE | Fees: INR 10000/- (USD 230) | Medium: English, Hindi
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