The cases which follow on this website are based on the actual case studies undertaken by me. However, I would like to caution the reader not to come to any hasty conclusion regarding the rectification required in their houses even if such defects as mentioned do exist.

I have only underlined the primary factors but have omitted to mention the secondary and contributory factors which (in the absence of compensating factors) have given the effects mentioned. Therefore these cases are to be treated as extreme ones. There is no need for you to get scared! even if some defects exist. Do not undertake the corrections yourself based on the information contained on this website. Contact me for any help needed in a correction.

Every structure is different no mailer how alike they look. Only an expert in Vaastu can determine the points and extent of correction which should be economical, structurally possible, and suited to meet the requirements of the inmates concerned.

The page is mainly intended for the builders, architects, and those who wish to take up the construction of their houses on their own so that they avoid the primary defects.

The correction of existing structures should necessarily be left to the discretion of the Vaastu expert. It should be noted that demolition at certain points can result in a sudden increase of negative forces which are life-threatening and dangerous to the inmates. For obvious reasons, the method of correction is left out on this page. If you suspect the premises is defective, send the plan to me for comments.

The defects can be classified as under:

  • Primary Defects
  • Secondary Defects
  • Contributory Defects
  • Compensating factors.
  • Let us understand more about these three types of defects.

A primary defect directly relates to the problem experienced in the house. It is the strongest factor that will be responsible for the manifestation.

Secondary defects are those which lie in the opposite sector and which are making the primary defect more powerful. For example, if a primary defect exists in the Northeast sector then check for the secondary defect in the Southwest sector. A primary factor alone takes a considerable manifestation time if no secondary factor exists.

Contributory defects are those which have a bearing on the effect and hasten manifestation.

Let us say for example, that a row of toilets exists in the Northeast sector of the industry.

The primary defect here is the row of toilets that exist in the Northeast sector of the industry.

Check the sensitivity factor by determining the point of sensitivity in the sector where the defect has come.

Now check the Southwest sector for depressions, water bodies, etc. which will be working to enhance the effect due to the primary cause. The contributory factors are the levels in North and South, the layout of machines, heating equipment placements, etc.

Compensating factors:

Also, check whether there are directly related compensating factors that are capable of diluting and delaying the manifestation.

For example, if a sump exists in the Northeast and thereafter Kitchen comes in the Northeast sector, the effect will be far milder than a house where the same defect exists without the sump. Here the sump compensates to a certain extent the defect.

The following are some examples. Here only Primary defects are underlined. The reader should note that there were secondary and contributory factors as well and no compensating factors in these cases. Hence, these cases are to be considered extreme cases. The idea of giving the effect is to help the reader to check the primary factor. If a defect exists which relates to your problem, contact me by sending a detailed plan, with the nature of the problems.

Note: Defects generalized to include industries, business houses, etc.

Specific cases with primary, secondary, and contributory factors without compensating factors, (only major defects mentioned)

Level of Northeast high:

  • Poverty, No economical progress, Education of children affected.

Rounded Northeast:

  • Mental sickness/insanity.

Cut Northeast:

  • Mental/physical deformity.

Northeast level OK but area less than South and West set back:

  • Poor financial progress.

Northeast of plot open & proper but Northeast of house rounded:

  • Decreasing attachment between family members.

Northeast open but stocked with heavyweight:

  • Debilitating accidents.

Northeast closed up to the border, ill-ventilated bedroom in Northeast:

  • Stillborn male baby.

The high floor level of Northeast in the house:

  • Heart problems.

Northeast floor level OK but high roof compared to rest of building:

  • Male children fare poorly in their studies and move away from home.

West and Southeast acute angle. Northeast obtuse:

  • Divorces – separation of Husband and Wife. Unhappy family no mental peace.

Northeast closure with bathroom.

  • Frustration in a career.
  • Denied promotional opportunities. officially disliked. repeated transfers – humiliation. loss of face.
  • Unhappy family life. strained relationship with other family members.
  • Education of male children is seriously affected.
  • Sons find it difficult to settle in Career.

Same defect as above but with raised East Low West (Increased severity).

  • Children turn against their parents.
  • Lack of Compassion.
  • Wayward, runaways.
  • No academic progress.
  • Miserable family on all fronts.

Northeast closure with Kitchen, East high & West low:

  • Accidents to ladies requiring surgery.
  • Problems connected with the organs in the head/neck.
  • Insolent female children, hard to discipline & control.
  • Lack of affection to parents.
  • Vitiated husband-wife relationship
  • No peace in the house.

Northeast Staircase:

  • Heart attack/chronic diseases/circulatory problems.

Northeast closed with servants room, kitchen in Southeast:

  • Death of male children immediately after delivery.

Northeast Kitchen, West more open than East, Depressed South:

  • Accidents requiring surgical intervention for Males/ Females
  • Frequent sickness.
  • Sons move away after marriage.

Northeast closure with toilet:

  • Never-ending poverty.
  • Every enterprise started, loses.
  • Financial Distress.

Northeast closure with bedroom, more open space in South:

  • Barren women
  • No progeny in spite of the fact that medical tests show there is nothing organically wrong with husband or wife, conception does not take place.

To arrive at conclusions:

Once again I wish to stress that it is wrong to arrive at a conclusion based upon a single defect. The sum total of all the merits and defects have to be worked out. The defects themselves have to be classified as major, intermediate, and ·minor. For example, the position of attics in North or East alone cannot make a house give negative results.

The best way, therefore, is to adopt a scoring method depending on the severity and nature of the defect.

Just because the defect exists in your house, don’t rush for correction consult a reputed Vastu consultant who can analyze the defect more properly and advise you whether a correction is really called for.

The same applies to other buildings like factories, Nursing homes, hotels, business premises, etc.

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