Students of today are crazy about studying in schools and colleges of good standards. Everybody wants to take admission in good institutes. They are ready to leave their native place for this, no matter how far it is. Such students try to find a place as a paying guest, in a private hostel or the hostel of the institute where they take admission.

Parents also spend lavishly on the education of their children. They take it as an investment for an excellent career for their children. Education has become business these days. Excellent arrangements are done to attract the students by the management. The management of the education institutes with hostels provides a swimming pool, recreation room, and other high-class comforts to its students.

It has been observed that students are ready to take admissions in hostels of some institutes whereas in some others they are not. This all depends on whether the construction of the hostel has been carried out as per Vaastu or not.

The hostel is open, airy, and full of sunlight if constructed as per Vastu. The atmosphere there is beautiful and happy. Students are at ease and feel good in such a place. These hostels are always full of their capacities. Nobody likes to take admission in a hostel that is not constructed as per Vastu and those who have taken admission want to leave as soon as possible. The atmosphere of that place is gloomy.

The directors of the hostel will make profit and the fame of the hostel will be increased if the following things are taken care of at the time of construction of the hostel. The students staying: there will remain happy and get success their studies:

  • The shape of the plot, where the hostel is to be constructed, should be square or rectangular. It should not be of irregular shape. The southwest zone of the plot should be with a 90° angle. Ample space should be left in the east and north of the plot while carrying out the construction.
  • Cut, depressed, or round east, north, and northeast zone of the plot are inauspicious. This creates. problems for the directors of the hostel. It is auspicious to have these directions big. If this defect is present then either increasing the length or making them right-angled should remove it.
  • The underground water source for the hostel should be in the northeast zone. It is inauspicious if present in any other direction. The swimming pool of the hostel should be constructed in the east or north direction. Underground water source and swimming pool, if present in the center of the hostel, create problems for both students and directors both.
  • The hostel should be constructed in the west, south, or southwest zone, if the shape is “L” or “U” to leave ample open space in the east and north directions.
  • The main entrance of the hostel should be in the east of the northeast, south of the southeast, west of the northwest, or north of the northeast zone. The passage to enter and exit the hostel and the doors of all the rooms of the hostel should open in this direction only.
  • Arrangement for the electric motor, transformer, generator, and other electrical appliances of the hostel should be made in the southeast zone.
  • The kitchen of the hostel should be constructed in the southeast zone, where ample air and light are available. Mixer etc. electronic appliances can be kept on a platform in the south of the kitchen. The hearth, tandoor, and microwave oven should be kept in the southeast zone. A storeroom can be constructed in the west or southwest zone of the kitchen.
  • Arrangement for geysers should be made in the southeast zone.

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