Vastu For Furniture

Using Vastu for furniture will create a harmonious environment in your home. By keeping your home’s energies in balance, you will feel less stressed and drained. The right placement of furniture will also ensure that your room doesn’t experience Vastu defects due to its direction. Here are some tips to follow: First, always place your wardrobes and lockers in the southwest direction. The other directions will drain your abundance. By contrast, a wardrobe that opens to the north will bring in wealth and prosperity.

Second, place televisions in the southeast direction. Avoid placing a television on the northern wall, as it will disturb your sleep. In addition, avoid placing a TV across the bathroom, which Vastu warns will lead to nightmares. Third, don’t place a bed directly across the bathroom, as this can attract negative energies. In addition, keep the bathroom door shut. For the best Vastu for a bedroom, it’s best to choose furniture that complements the existing decor.

When placing furniture in the living room, always make sure that it’s facing the northeast and not the southwest. This will encourage positive energy flow and stability. In addition, you should avoid placing any electronic appliances in the northeast or the southwest, as they will disrupt the functioning of these appliances. As you can see, the north-east and south-west directions are very important in Vastu. So, be sure to follow these guidelines when positioning your furniture.

When placing furniture in the bedroom, remember that Vastu for the cupboard should be placed on the south or west wall. The wardrobe doors should face the east. If you are putting a wardrobe in the bedroom, you should keep it away from the bed. The door should open toward the north or east. And finally, remember to place the garbage bin in the northwest corner of the house.

The northwest is related to the vayu energy, which brings movement. If you want to reduce your visitors’ stress, it’s better to place the dining table in the northwest. This way, the table will be more accessible for everyone in the household. It will attract prosperity and good energy. So, it’s always best to keep the dining table full to ensure that it’s in harmony with the rest of your house.

Lastly, Vastu for the kitchen furniture recommends placing the stove and sink on separate platforms. A kitchen counter should be spaced far from windows and corners because they are vulnerable to negative energy. Ideally, the sink and stove should be on the same platform. Moreover, the stove should be placed in the east direction of the kitchen. The northeast direction of the kitchen should be the most important in terms of Vastu for the kitchen.

The southwest is the best location for a refrigerator. It should be placed in the corner of the kitchen, with a foot gap in between the corner. The southern wall of the kitchen is the best place for cabinets and storage units. In the same way, a south-east is a good place for electric appliances.

It is important to follow the Vastu guidelines for the placement of the furniture in the house. For instance, heavy pieces of furniture should be placed in the southwest part of the room. In addition, electronic devices such as TVs should be placed in the southeast portion of the room. For a living room, it is best to keep the dining area in the east or west direction.

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