Let’s discuss the background & concept working behind the use of such articles/ objects which are believed to be useful when the Vastu corrections are needed to be tackled without demolition.

In most of the instances, the Vastu believer house owner finds at a later stage that there are one or more Vastu defects or Vastu flaws in his building & the construction work has gone so advanced that at this stage corrections or re-construction is neither feasible nor viable. For example, displacement of a single staircase or a washroom is not only a highly expensive deed but also it may spoil the rhythm, usage, and initial concept of the building which was conceptualized at the beginning. Here, the landlord realizes that he should have hired the professional services of a good & renowned Vastu consultant at the stage when the layout plan was being hypothesized.

The next possibility of any Vastu defect is that sometimes the owner finds that in order to adhere to the local administration or govt by-laws or to have the hundred percent utilization of each space, there are chances that deliberately there may be one or few Vastu defects in the new construction. In this condition, the use of Crysto-Pyra is a very wise step to initiate. It is not only economically viable but also very feasible and easy to use in the new construction.

How Crysto-Pyra are used.

They are used below the final flooring which is normally the floor tiles, the floor stone like marble, granite, or other artificial or synthetic flooring. Hence once the Crysto-Pyra is buried in the floor, it is not visible to anyone. Hence it is also categorized as the concealed Vastu remedy. It is believed to be working life-long & there is no need to replace them after a period whereas other remedies may need to be replaced after an interval of certain years.

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