We at IRIOS also conduct Vastu Workshops. We offer 2, 3, 4, and 5 Days Vastu Workshops wherein the candidates and students are taught about the A to Z of Vastu shastra. We start with teaching the basics and progress towards the more technical side of Vastu. After this, we make sure that the candidates are thorough with the basics and the technicalities alike.

The structure of teaching in the 2, 3, 4, and 5-day workshops is very different from each other. The 5-day workshop was the most intense and informative.

  • 2 Days

    Vastu Workshop

    In 2 Days Vastu Workshop we will teach you about the History and Background of Vastu Shastra so that we can make your basics clear about what you are going to learn.

  • 3 Days

    Vastu Workshop

    In 3 Days Vastu Workshop we will teach you about the Fundamental Guidelines Of Vastu Shastra, the Locations of Plots & Other Co-Factors, and the Determination of Areas & Utilities would also be taught in this course.

    3 Days

  • 4 Days

    Vastu Workshop

    In 4 Days Vastu Workshop the Introduction & Background of the General Practitioner would be done, Essential Requirements of A Vastu Shastra Professional would be done. Micro Vastu Principles for Houses and Offices.

  • 5 Days

    Vastu Workshop

    In 5 Days Vastu Workshop the Concept & Need of Remedial Vastu would be taught. Understanding Vastu Remedies, Techniques of Vastu Remedies would be introduced to the students.

    5 Days