Nowadays marriage premises, banquet halls, or marriage gardens are taken on rent for marriage and other small family functions due to the growing population and shrinking place in the houses. Marriage premises equipped with all the amenities are being constructed from small towns to the metros of the country due to their increasing use. It has been observed that some of these are always booked for some or another function while some are booked seldom in spite of being equipped with all the amenities.

The marriage premises are airy, open and the functions held are graceful if the following Vastu principles are followed at the time of construction. The guests praise the family for arranging the function and the owner of the premises gets attractive returns on his investment.

  • The plot for the marriage premises should be right-angled and, in the center, or easily accessible place of the city.
  • The level of the plot should be either uniform or higher in the east, north, and northeast zone and lower in the west, south, and southwest zone.
  • The underground water source for the premises should be in the east, north, or northeast zone. There are many troubles if the underground water source is kept in any other direction. The overhead water tank of the premises should be in the south or west.
  • The lawn of the premises should be in the east, north, or northeast zone. This place is suitable for the functions too. Hence ample open space should be left in the east and north of the plot. A small temple can also be constructed in this region if required.
  • The construction of the building in the marriage premises should be done in the southwest zone and the rooms therein should be right-angled. They should never be odd-shaped. Toilets and bathrooms can also be constructed with these rooms, but these should never be constructed in the northeast zone of the room.
  • The maximum windows of the building of the marriage premises should be in the east or north. They should be minimum in the west and south direction.
  • The staircase should be in the west, south, or southwest zone with a right-hand turn while ascending, in the building of the premises.
  • The guest rooms of the building on the premises should be in the west or northwest zone.
  • The storeroom should be in the west or southwest zone.
  • The place for the generator, motor, and other electrical appliances should be in the southeast zone.
  • Toilets can be constructed in the west, north, or northwest zone. Never construct a toilet in the northeast zone.
  • The main entrance of the marriage premises should be in the east of the northeast zone, south of the southeast zone, west of the northwest zone, or north of the northeast zone. It should never be in the east of the southeast zone, south of the southwest zone, west of the southwest zone, or north of the northwest zone.

The only reason that such circumstances arise is that the Vastu of the banquet is disrupted. However, it is very easy to cure all the Vastu defects in any given banquet hall. Business owners at banquet halls should get their Vastu shastra checked as soon as the banquet is ready for business to ensure that there are a large number of bookings for the banquet.

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