Remedial Vastu Course

Remedial Vastu Course

The remedial Vastu course is the last and final level in the Vastu courses offered at our institute. This course is highly beneficial for those who want to learn about the Vastu of today’s age.

This is a highly advanced Vastu course wherein the Students learn about Vastu without demolition and how to check and cure the Various Vastu defects in any premise without spoiling the structure of the premise and without doing any breakdown in the building.

This is a highly demanded topic these days and it would be very beneficial for the students to learn about this topic.

What to expect:

In this remedial course, the Concept & Need of Remedial Vastu would be taught. Understanding Vastu Remedies, Techniques of Vastu Remedies would be introduced to the students. Use of Absorbers, Barriers, Enhancers, Holistic Enhancers, Balancers in Vastu Remedies, Remedy in Special / Critical Situation would be taught in detail. Lastly, Few Commonly used popular tools for Vastu Remedies would be talked about in this remedial course.

Duration: 3 Months | Mode: ONLINE | Fees: INR 26000/- (USD 430) | Medium: English, Hindi
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