The pyramids are tombs of the Pharaohs or keep of ancient Egypt on the banks of the Nile River. These are about four thousand years old. These were constructed as per Vaastu in a straight line of the Pole Star in the sky in the north direction. The pyramid structures are really unique examples of Vaastu and medicinal specialty. Taking inspiration from the pyramids of Egypt many experiments were performed in various countries of the world. In one such experiment, a dead body was kept in the pyramid and amazingly the body did not decay. Mr. Bowis, a French investigator, was amazed to find that inside the pyramid when a rat or cat died no bad smell was produced. The body was mummified, dried, and did not decay.

He could not find any plausible explanation for this whole phenomenon. After a lot of thinking, he concluded that this might be due to the shape of the pyramid. For the conclusion of this, he prepared a small pyramid and put a dead cat in the same. He was surprised to find that the cat did not decay and was mummified. I-Ie then experimented with other perishable things like vegetables and milk.

He found that these things remained fresh for about a week. he kept rubbish beneath the pyramid and found that this too dried without any bad smell. This gave birth to a new Science that the geometrical shapes are deeply related to life energies.

Now Bowis, suggests that all the hospitals should be constructed in the pyramid shape so that the patients get well soon Many experin1ents have been done on this concept. If a wound is kept inside the pyramid shape it heals faster.

Similarly, toothache, headache, etc. are relieved faster when kept beneath the pyramid shape.

Pyramid word consists of a Greek word ‘Pyre’ = fire and ‘Mid’ = center. So the meaning of the word is that pyramid is a place that has fire ( energy) at its center. It is this energy that keeps things fresh inside it. For centuries temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras, Bodh mats, etc. have been constructed with an upper shape as a dome, which is a kind of pyramid only.

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