Walls are the strength of the house and should be considered seriously. Colors should reflect the inner self. Colour influences the style and mood of the house.

According to psychology the color in the room influences the mood of the person and how much time they spend in the room. Yellow, blue, or green color makes the room look bigger as they are soothing and natural. Grey and black are sleek and elegant.

There are important implications of different colors as per Vastu that can influence the life of the residents.

Red Color

Red is the color of aggressiveness, passion, energy, warmth, and vibrancy. It is an active color and thus is best in the dining and living room. Different shades of red look great in the room as they are lively as others. The color symbolizes boldness and warmth and thus spread confidence. They are best in the area requiring energy and not suited for the area where you sleep.

Blue Color

The blue color symbolizes beauty. It is a highly soothing color and signifies contentment and tranquillity. It is versatile in expressing values. The color is the best match for the areas that are big and a light and a soft version is needed therein. The color should not be applied in smaller rooms.

Green Color

Green symbolizes nature, growth, and relaxation. The color is gaiety and fresh and thus refreshes your mood. It goes with any color due to its universal appeal. The color is best for Kitchen where one needs to concentrate and it also adds to the cleanliness of the Kitchen.

Yellow Color

Yellow is the color that symbolizes happiness, boldness, and optimism. Yellow is suitable in all the rooms and makes it look bigger. It is a powerful color both in intensity and value. The color complements the red and green color and provides gaiety and freshness.

Brown Color

This is the color of comfort and contentment. It is subtle and muscular and thus is best suited for study rooms and libraries.

Purple Color

The color symbolizes dignity, luxury, and nobility and is best for living rooms and guest rooms as it gives royal treatment to the guest.

Orange Color

The color symbolizes action, warmth, energy, and comfort. The color is great in the living room and drawing room but too much of this color is not ideal. Light hues of color can be used in some spaces.

White Color

The color symbolizes virtue, cleanliness, spaciousness, purity, and innocence. The white color in the room creates a feeling of luxury. The color is best for the master bedroom as it relaxes you after a tiring day.

Pastels Color

Pastels are mostly light shades of the colors like matt pink, skin tones, or phone colors. When the shade is so light that is gives white touch they are called pastel colors. They give a sober and elegant touch to the room.

Neutral Colors

Neutral color doesn’t mean to use fewer or no colors. The color that is of low intensity and is used for the background for other accent colors, furniture, features, and objects in the space are neutral colors. Light colors such as off-white and cream are also classified as neutral colors.

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