Vastu for Kitchen

The kitchen is an integral part of a house, whether of a poor or rich person. Most of the time of a female is spent in her kitchen. Hence if the kitchen of the house is decorated following the principles of Vaastu, it facilitates simple & happy life for all in the family.

  • The platform to keep the burner for cooking should be built in the east direction so that person cooking may face the east direction.
  • Flooring of the kitchen should never be done with granite. It can only be used to top the platform with red or black.
  • Loft or almirah to keep utensils in the kitchen should be built on southwest walls.
  • Water pots, taps, and sink of the kitchen should always be in the northeast, east, or north direction, and should never be in the east of southeast angle.
  • It is auspicious to keep the refrigerator in the southwest or northwest angle. The refrigerator kept full of eatables brings an abundance of the same. Mixer & juicer etc. can be kept in the south direction platform.
  • Empty boxes or containers should never be kept in the kitchen. If it is unavoidable then their lids should be kept open.
  • Keeping broken utensils & crockery in the kitchen increases negative energy and similarly, stale food should also be discarded as soon as possible.
  • White paint in the kitchen is most suitable, it makes the kitchen clean and sacred. The kitchen should never be painted with red color. It brings disputes in the family.
  • In many houses, people eat in the kitchen itself. Eating arrangements in the kitchen should be preferably in the west direction.
  • The entrance door of the kitchen should not be in any of the corners. Kitchen doors in the east, the north, and the west are useful.
  • The kitchen should not be placed under or above the puja room Toilet or Bed Room. The kitchen should be in the southeast corner of the main building or flat.
  • The main kitchen platform should be in the east and the southeast corner.
  • The stove or gas burner should be in the southeast corner, a few inches away from the wall.
  • Adjacent to the kitchen platform, another ‘L’ shaped platform, near the south wall for keeping micro oven, mixer, grinder, etc. will be very useful.
  • The washbasin (sink) of the platform should be in the northeast corner as far as possible. Pitcher of water and utensils for drinking water should be in the northeast or the north side.
  • Essential commodities like boxes of grain, spices, pulses, etc. should be in the south or the west direction.

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