Vastu for Study Room

We always come across many children not doing much studies and performing exemplarily and others don’t get that good results in spite of much hard work. This difference is due to the Vaastu of their houses in addition to their luck. The students should choose a Vaastu suitable place to study and decorate it in Vaastu suitable way to get good results in studies.
There are two directions & an angle suitable to achieve knowledge. The first direction is the east direction, with the Sun as its representative and another northeast angle with Jupiter as its representative and the third is the north direction with mercury as its representative.

  • The door of study should be in the east of northeast, south of southeast, west on northwest or north of northeast angles. Placement of furniture could be made systematic by keeping the door in any of these directions. The students should never sit with the back at the door.
  • If the morning sun rays enter the study, all the windows should be kept open to get the maximum benefit of the infrared rays but if the evening sun rays enter the room then should be prevented in doing so.
  • The child should sit facing east direction in the west direction of the house. They understand anything easily in such a position and get good results. A child can sit in a room in a northeast angle, facing east direction, if there is no place in the west direction. If there is no possibility of sitting facing east then students can sit facing northeast or north direction as well.
  • The computer can be kept anywhere from southeast to south or west direction. The computer should never be kept in a northeast angle. It is sparingly used if kept here.
  • Students should sleep keeping head in the south or west direction. It keeps them healthy and their willingness to study is maintained.
  • Studying below a beam or loft should be avoided as it creates mental stress and perturbs study.
  • Students should keep the idol of their favorite God and water bottle in a northeast direction. Pictures of great men and role models should be put on the walls.
  • Keeping the walls of the study light yellow, light green, light blue or light brown is always good as the white makes them laid back.
  • Keeping groups photos of the children studying in the room makes the study nicer and they learn coexistence.

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